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Tai Chi vs Kung Fu: What's the difference? -
The difference between Tai Chi and Kung Fu is that, generally, Kung Fu is a lot more physically strenuous than Tai Chi. While Tai Chi’s…
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How Tai Chi Helps You Lose Weight -
Tai Chi helps you lose weight as a simple and safe way of getting exercise. No matter how much weight you need to lose, Tai…
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Do self-defence classes work? -
Self-defence classes absolutely can work if you choose the right course and instructor. Short, quick self-defence courses given by inexperienced instructors don’t work. Self-defence classes…
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The best tai chi shoes on the market today -
If you’re looking for Tai Chi shoes, you might be amazed to discover how many different pairs there are to choose from. This article will…
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How much does sparring gear cost?
Depending on the martial art and which pieces of equipment you buy, sparring gear costs between $300 and $1000. This would consist of sparring gloves,…
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Kung Fu vs Taekwondo - how to choose a martial art
Kung Fu and Taekwondo are both excellent martial arts for physical fitness and well-being. The difference is that Taekwondo is a Korean martial art mainly…
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How to stay calm during sparring -
To stay calm during sparring, approach sparring as an opportunity to learn rather than a performance. It helps to stay calm if you train properly,…
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Why do martial artists wear a gi?
Martial artists wear a gi because it is the traditional garment for practicing martial arts. While it respects the tradition, the gi allows for fluid…
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The difference between Muay Thai and Boxing is that Muay Thai fighters use their hands, feet, knees and elbows whereas boxer use only the fists.…
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