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Tai Chi Vs. Kung Fu: What’s The Difference?

The difference between Tai Chi and Kung Fu is that, generally, Kung Fu is a lot more physically strenuous than Tai Chi. While Tai Chi’s main focus nowadays is mental discipline and physical health, Kung Fu is still used as a fighting system that aims at making self-defence instinctive.

Muay Thai Vs. Boxing: 10 Differences That Matter

The difference between Muay Thai and Boxing is that Muay Thai fighters use their hands, feet, knees and elbows whereas boxer use only the fists. Thus boxing is effective in a fight at a medium distance and is easier to learn. Muay Thai is effective from a distance or from very close, and is more demanding art.

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The Best 20 Tai Chi Pants [And 1 Winner]

The benefits of Tai Chi on your physical, mental, and spiritual health are proven without a doubt. The next thing to do is pick the right clothes for your practice. In this article we’re looking at the best 20 Tai Chi pants you can order today. These picks are comfortable, cozy, and sell at a reasonable price.

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