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Is Muay Thai Hard To Learn? [The Beginner’s Intro]

Muay Thai is harder to learn than most other martial arts but anyone with a basic level of fitness can pick up the basics in a short time. Muay Thai is a very effective striking martial art and it can become quite complex at the highest levels. Mastery of Muay Thai will take years.

Why do martial arts classes cost so much? - CraftofCombat.com

Why Do Martial Arts Classes Cost So Much?

Martial arts classes cost so much because they are running a business. When you attend martial arts classes, you’re not just buying the time of an instructor. You’re also contributing to the rent on the building, the insurance to cover you against harm, the heating, cooling, equipment, and so on.

Is Kata good exercise? - CraftofCombat.com

Is Kata Good Exercise?

Kata is good exercise because it conditions all muscle groups, helps train the breathing, and develops a sense of focus. Although some maintain that kata is not necessary for martial arts, it is good exercise in its own right.

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