Robbie Cheng

14 reasons why martial artists meditate -

Why Martial Artists Meditate (And You Should Too)

There are 14 reasons why martial artists meditate (and you should too). They include: developing discipline, controlling Chi, preparing for “no mind” combat, reducing stress & anxiety, improving emotional resilience and self-awareness, getting a better attention span, preventing memory loss, becoming kinder, keeping addiction at bay, sleeping well, reducing pain and lowering blood pressure.

Karate vs. Boxing: What's the difference? -

Karate vs. Boxing: The Difference And Why It Matters

The difference between boxing and karate is that boxing focuses on punching to take opponents down quickly. It is best for street fighting. Unlike boxing, karate is a complex system of forms and techniques with an underlying philosophy. It is ideal for professional fighting. Both disciplines, however, work well in MMA.

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