The Best 20 Tai Chi Pants [And 1 Winner]

The best tai chi pants you can wear today -

The benefits of Tai Chi on your physical, mental, and spiritual health are proven without a doubt. The next thing to do is pick the right clothes for your practice. In this article we’re looking at the best 20 Tai Chi pants you can order today. These picks are comfortable, cozy, and sell at a reasonable price.

Quick Suggestion:

If you are here for a quick suggestion, these pants are the absolute winners. They are comfortable, light, and very well priced. They are great for Tai Chi but also Yoga and QiGong, and just general stretching. Check them out on Amazon here:

What You Need To Know Before Buying Tai Chi Pants

Some Tai Chi schools have a standard uniform rather like other martial arts schools and if this is the case for you – it’s best to buy the school uniform. It is unlikely to be expensive and it will help to give you a sense of belonging and that can make it easier to make friends in the group.

Otherwise, the majority of schools have no uniform and you are free to choose whatever kind of pants you like for Tai Chi. We’d recommend using pants designed for martial arts practice because the allow for complete freedom of movement and are not too tight in the legs (which can result in injury).

The good news is that these pants are not expensive and in our Top 20 list, you won’t find a single product over $40! That means that some Tai Chi-style is within everyone’s budget.

The Best 6 Tai Chi Pants In Unisex Options

The majority of Tai Chi Pants still seem to conform to traditional gender expectations, but many are designed with both sexes in mind. We’ve sought out the 6 best Tai Chi pants which assert that they are truly unisex in design and appeal and we agree.

Tiger Claw Lightweight Kung Fu Pants

The fabric used in these pants is cotton and that makes for a very cool experience when working out – though it’s fair to say that not everyone sweats when they’re doing Tai Chi, anyway. We found the elastic waistband to be very comfortable and the elastic cuffs too (which also help stop you from getting tangled up in them).

We did find the waist to be a bit narrower than expected though the length was, surprisingly, a little long but these pants are good quality and an excellent buy.

Siam Secrets Thai Fisherman Pants

We love the casual feel of these Thai Fisherman Pants and our only real complaint with them is that they’re a “one-size-fits-all” model which, if they fit, is just fine but if they don’t – it’s not great. These are made in Thailand and use a unique Thai blended fabric which is very light and breathable.

They are a little short in the leg, however, and that means you might want to think twice about ordering this if you’re taller than their intended audience.

Jonie Uniforms Tai Chi/Wushu Pants

These polyester-cotton blend pants are highly lightweight and ideal for use in even the hottest of environments. We liked the double stitched crotch which means they’re unlikely to rip and cause you any severe embarrassment during the performance of the Tai Chi forms.

They’re very roomy and we were pleased to see the inclusion of a pocket as we don’t like leaving our wallets in the locker room. The elasticated ankles are very handy too. We also found them to be among the most durable clothes in our tests.

Tao Kung Fu Pants Tai Chi and Wing Chun Bottoms

We liked the embroidered calligraphy very much (it says “Wing Chung Quan” which is very much more Kung Fu than Tai Chi, mind you) and we found them very comfortable. They come in a good range of sizes too (many of the other pants are really designed with Asian body shapes in mind).

There appears to have been some problems in the past with sizing but the pants we received were exactly the right size when compared to the chart – so, we hope they’ve resolved this issue now.

ZooBoo Chenjiagou Taichi Lantern Pants

It doesn’t get any more Tai Chi than a Yin-Yang symbol on your pants and the famous symbol of cosmic harmony is found near the waistline here. They’re in the palazzo-style and we found the material to be gloriously pliant and very breathable and durable.

We’ve come to expect nice cuffs on the legs, and these didn’t disappoint, and the waist band may have been the softest we came across. However, we’d suggest going up a size as they seem to come a little smaller than we’d hoped for.

Tiger Claw Kung Fu 50/50 Blend

Despite the name the manufacturer has actually changed the blend and they are now a 55/45 cotton/polymer blend and not a 50/50 one. We’re not sure what kind of impact that has had on these pants, but we found them to be very comfortable and really nice looking.

We found that they needed a little washing to get soft and the size chart seems to be a little random, while we had no problems – several customers say they found that they received an item which was too big (an unusual problem from a Chinese supplier).

The Best 7 Women’s Tai Chi Pants

We recognize that not every woman wants a unisex approach and would prefer to express her individuality through a more traditional set of feminine clothing. We would point out, however, that unfortunately the most common set of pants sold for women for Tai Chi is usually labelled “harem pants”. We think they’re hugely practical, but you may object to this style decision and if so, there are other choices in our list.

Thaluta Harem Pants

The biggest selling point for these classic pants is that they are made in Thailand under fair trade agreements and that means everyone involved in making them is fairly compensated. On top of that they donate 10% of the proceeds of each sale to a cat charity in Thailand.

They’re also incredibly comfortable and hard wearing but we have to acknowledge, they’re also among the most expensive pants in our round up and that might be more than you want to pay for Tai Chi pants.

AvaCostume Women’s Harem Yoga Pants With Side Slit

You can choose from an incredible array of colors whenever you order from AvaCostume and it’s no surprise that you’ve got 20 to choose from here. The side slits mean that you can exercise comfortably in even the hottest conditions and they are great for a hot yoga session after a Tai Chi warm-up.

The 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend really works for us and the price is very reasonable. These are one of our top picks for Tai Chi pants.

ICNBUYS Women’s Tai Chi Pants

If you want something that looks very traditionally Chinese, then you can’t go wrong with these ICNBUYS pants. You can choose from black or white and they both look like they hail from a time before the people’s revolution.

They are very well-made though and the cotton is of the highest grade. You can move very easily while wearing them and they won’t interfere with your Tai Chi or get caught on your feet. They’re on the expensive side but we thought they were very much worth it.

Fitglam Women’s Harem Loose Casual Yoga Pants

We’re not sure why fitglam has such a huge price difference between different options but on the day, we found over a $20 difference between colors and/or sizes. At their cheapest, they’re an absolute steal but we think at near $30 – they’re not such great value. So, check the price carefully before you buy.

They are a little short and buying a size up is a good idea, we also felt that they weren’t the hardest wearing of our picks.

AvaCostume Womens Modal Cotton Pants

These were, without a doubt, the best budget pants we found during our tests at less than 10 bucks a pair. They come in a good range of sizes and will happily accommodate the larger lady. They only have 19 different colors to choose from, but you should be able to find one you like. 😉

Make sure to check the size chart and remember it’s in Asian sizes, you will need to adjust for Western sizes, but it’s worth it. These are very comfortable and they will last – you can’t get much more bang for your buck than these Tai Chi pants.

BALEAF Women’s 20″ / 31″ Active Yoga Capri Pants

If you want something a little shorter on the leg than the norm then BALEAF may be the option you’ve been looking for. The drawstring waist makes a change from elastic and if you find that elastic chafes, it can be really handy.

The material blend is different in different parts of the pants, but we confess, we didn’t really notice when wearing them. They’ve very light and also completely breathable. If you can get them when they’re on sale (the RRP is too high) then they’re a great deal.

Nanxson Women’s Soft Modal Spandex Pants

Listed as 95% cotton and 4% spandex we found ourselves wondering who ran away with the last 1% of these Tai Chi pants. However, they are very comfortable, and the blend is incredibly quick drying which is nice, if you need to wash them and pack them in your bag in a short period of time.

Please pay attention to the sizing chart which is accurate but bears no relationship whatsoever to American sizes, otherwise you may find that your order is way too small.

The Best 7 Men’s Tai Chi Pants

There is also a good choice of men’s tai chi pants out there and while there may not be quite as many variants as the ladies have, you’re not going to find yourself struggling to match your personal style, either.

CandyHusky Men’s Elastic Waist Pyjama-Style Yoga Pants

These pants come in a very traditional jogging bottom style and are loose at the ankles, something that we’ve found many people prefer. The drawstring combined with an elasticated waist makes it very easy to get completely comfortable in them too.

There’s a nice choice of a not too overwhelming 8 colors to choose from too. They were among the most hard-wearing pants in our tests and we found that they were also the easiest to wash and look after. Highly recommended.

ZooBoo Men’s Martial Arts Pants

These ZooBoo pants have a more classical martial arts feel, and you can almost picture Bruce Lee striding around in them. They’re very well made, and we really like the cotton-linen blend of fabric which was very smooth and comfortable to the touch.

You should be very careful about sizing which is, as is quite typical in Tai Chi Pants, given in Asian and not American sizes but if you do that – you’re getting a very good quality product which ought to last a long time before it needs replacing.

Jomuhoy Men Yoga Tai Chi Pants 2 Pack

We don’t think you’re going to find a better value deal than this one, with 2 pairs of pants for the price of just over 10 bucks, it’s an absolute steal. No, they’re not the best made or hardest wearing pants we tested but at this price, who cares?

They are 100% polyester and they look just fine. They may be a bit hot in some climates but otherwise, these are going to make for the ideal first pants purchase if you’re just testing the Tai Chi waters.

ICNBUYS Men’s Kung Fu Tai Chi Pants

The male equivalent of the female pant that we reviewed above, and they’re just as good, though they are also a little more expensive to reflect the larger sizes on offer. They use all natural materials and really enable free flowing movements when practicing the forms.

Once again, the sizing is not based on US sizes but if you reach out to their customer service department, they can help you through the process or even tailor a pair specially to fit. These are very good Tai Chi pants, indeed.

LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pants

If you want to stand out from the crowd when you’re in your Tai Chi classes than Thai-style fisherman pants may be just the thing you’re looking for. There are only two sizes, however, a medium and a large and they’re based on a smaller sized person than many Americans – so be careful to ensure that they will fit before ordering.

If they do fit, they’re beautifully made of 100% cotton which is both breathable and incredibly comfortable on your skin.

Tiger Claw Light Weight Kung Fu/Tai Chi Pants

Tiger Claw is a big name in the martial arts clothing scene and these manmade cotton pants are a solid choice for a guy seeking something a little classic without being overly traditional. The side pocket is an excellent place to stick a wallet while doing Tai Chi without worrying about losing it.

Once again, we have to warn you the sizes are Asian sizes though and you want to order something at least 2 sizes bigger than you normally would.

CandyHusky Men Cotton Straight-Leg Drawstring Summer Casual Tai Chi Pants

White may not be the perfect choice in all weathers or places but when it is – it looks fantastic. We’d recommend that you go for the white version of these unless you’re forced to pick one of the other three colors because of circumstances.

Be warned though, even the biggest size they make is “small” by Western standards. They’re super pants but you really need to be of a shorter stature and thin build to make the most of them.


So, there you have it, the top 20 best Tai Chi pants you can buy today. Don’t forget that if you’re not required to wear any specific uniform that you can choose freely from whatever you find the most comfortable, so why not experiment a little and buy a few different pairs, until you know what you like the best?

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