The 15 Best Tai Chi Shoes [And 1 Clear Winner]

The best tai chi shoes on the market today -

If you’re looking for Tai Chi shoes, you might be amazed to discover how many different pairs there are to choose from. This article will narrow down the choice for you.

The Winner: DOUBLESTAR MR Rubber Sole Light Parkour Stylish Shoes (Unisex)

If you don’t want to spend time comparing Tai Chi shoes, have a look here at the best pair from our narrowed down list. These are the DOUBLESTAR MR Rubber Sole Light:

What is great about these DOUBLESTAR shoes (excuse the all CAPS many of the Chinese Tai Chi show training brands really like branding that shouts) is that they’ve got a classic trainer look whilst still being thin soled enough to do some serious Tai Chi in. You’d happily wear these as a casual shoe all day long.

However, you probably shouldn’t because those thin soles would wear away much faster than ordinary trainers. But if you’re looking for something fashionable to wear while you work through the forms and you don’t want to spend a fortune on Tai Chi shoes then these may be the best bet for you. They’re also good for Parkour if you want to try something more rigorous when you’re done.

LS_JWZ Old Beijing Embroidered Shoes (Unisex)

It’s not clear whether this embroidered style of shoe is “authentic” but it should be. They’re also surprisingly well-made and very light and comfortable. However, they’re a little on the small side and you might want to order one size larger than you normally would.

PEAK TAICHI King Women’s Adaptive Smart Cushioning Running Shoes

The most expensive recommendation on our list, however, are the PEAK TAICHI King Women’s Adaptive Smart Cushioning Running Shoes and it’s fair to say that they’re the kind of shoes that you would probably buy if you were doing a lot of Tai Chi or a lot of other sport alongside Tai Chi rather than for a few minutes in the park each week.

They’ve an all-in-one weaved upper which is both breathable and water-resistant. The soles use an adaptive polymer compound to provide a proper cushion which rebounds around the foot no matter what sport you’re undertaking. The P-hold heel grip is said to be able to reduce injuries too. These are thoroughly recommended.

Mooto Wings Korea TKD Shoes (Unisex)

It’s a shame they’re so narrow because it can take a couple of orders going back and forth to get the right size and the Mooto Wings Korea TKD Shoes are actually quite excellent. They are very, very light and may even be the lightest shoes on this list. That means they’re easy to slip into a bag and carry them throughout the day.

They’re also made of quality materials though the uppers are a synthetic rather than natural leather but are still breathable. They appear to be very well glued too.

Qinju Handmade Tai Chi Men’s Cotton Shoes

These shoes claim a 3,000 year heritage for the Old Beijing Cloth Style shoes and while this can’t be verified, they do look like the epitome of Chinese martial art cool.

They’re very comfy and each is made with over 70 layers of cotton cloth and 20,000 stitches to secure them! Once again, they’re a bit narrow and you may want to order up a size or two if you have wider feet.

AND1 Men’s Tai Chi Mid Sneakers

This sports design is very much high sneaker fashion and they can be worn for a variety of other sports as well as Tai Chi. One thing is that this shoe was on sale for a very low price but can be very expensive.

The AND1 performs very well. They are comfortable and well-made with an EVA mid-sole which cushions the feet from any impact damage. The Yin-Yang design is particularly appropriate for Tai Chi.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes (Unisex)

These bargain priced Tai Chi shoes are among the lowest priced of in this list. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad shoe, but they are probably among the least durable item here. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

The plus side is the fact that they’re complete machine washable, so they’re easy to keep clean. They’re not as narrow as some of the others and the rubber soles are able to obtain a good grip. However, they’re on the small side and ordering at least one size up is probably mandatory.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Kung Fu Closed Toe Slip On Shoes (Unisex)

While they may look similar to the other shoes from Ace Martial Arts these products come with a “bubble gum sole” which offers better protection for your feet and should make movement easier both indoors and outdoors.

At just over $10 a pair, they’re much cheaper than most of the choices on this list and are perfect for the first timer getting into Tai Chi and uncertain that they want to invest a lot in shoes until they’ve gained a little mastery of their chosen martial art. Don’t put them in the washer-dryer though, they can’t take a heavy wash at all.

Men’s Martial Art Tai Chi Cotton Sole Canvas Shoes

Another low cost, classic look shoe and they’re very lightweight too as each shoe is just over 100 grams! We’d recommend ordering a size bigger than you need as they’re sized a little small for American feet but they do stretch a little when you wear them, so if they’re just a little tight – hang on to them and they’ll soon fit fine.

They’re not the hardest wearing shoe on our list but the canvas padded uppers mean they keep your feet nice and warm in the winter and that might be a big benefit if you live in colder climes.

HEALTH Tai Chi Shoes Lightweight Shoes 585 (Unisex)

These mid-tier shoes are very differently styled, and the closest thing to “Chinese running shoe” on this list. They certainly they don’t look like a Western branded sneaker/running shoe. This is not a bad thing though and their distinctive look should make them easy to find if you have to take them off somewhere and come back for them later.

They have very soft uppers which are completely breathable. They have an anti-skid design on the soles which ensures traction on almost every surface and they use a “lateral lace up” system which helps prevent the shoe from shifting on your feet. They’re a top pick for Tai Chi.

Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes (Unisex)

These Century Lightfoot shoes have a great look but the price range (size based) a little mind-boggling with a near $30 difference between the smallest and the largest! That makes no sense at all and it’s hard to pin down whether they feel like “value” because of that.

Certainly, the pair is solidly made, and the rubber soles grip firmly onto the surface. The material is also very breathable. But you’ll have to judge if that’s enough to justify the price.

OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes (Unisex)

The classic tennis shoe meets the large billboard sized advert on the side, what’s peculiar about this is that the name on the shoe is “Double” rather than the manufacturing brand. However, this minor quirk aside there’s a lot to like about the OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes.

They’re very comfortable and very hard wearing for a soft canvas shoe. The padding on the mid-sole makes them feel a bit more substantial given how light they are. But once again like many of these Chinese shoes, they’re very narrow.

BlackBeltShop Rubber Sole Men’s Tai Chi Shoes

These are another set of the classic look Tai Chi shoes from a Chinese manufacturer – and they’re very clear about them running a little small and you really should order at least one (and maybe two) sizes larger than you normally wear.

They’re pretty hardy for a canvas slip on and we’d expect them to take a reasonable beating before they need replacing. The cotton lining is reasonably comfortable, and it absorbs any sweat you might have nicely but we’d recommend putting talc inside when they’re not in use to keep them smelling fresh and clean. For the money, they’re good value.

BJSFXDKJYXGS Chinese Tai Chi Shoes (Unisex)

These shoes just look like you’d expect a pair of modern Tai Chi shoes in China would look like and you might consider them for that reason alone. Once again though they run a little small, so save yourself a little pain and order a size up to begin with.

They are at a mid-tier price point and that was reflected in both the choice of materials used and in the quality of the workmanship involved on the shoe. The tread on the soles is clearly designed with martial arts use in mind too.

Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes (Unisex)

These are the only shoes in this list to come with their own carry case. And that’s a really nice touch. These are, after all, shoes you’re going to wear for sports and then carry around between Tai Chi practice sessions. A carry case is going to be an essential purchase otherwise.

They also have a cool yin-yang design in the pivot soles which just screams “Tai Chi”. Like most of the Tai Shoes they run both narrow and small and you might be best off adding 2 sizes on to your normal order.


If you’re going to take up Tai Chi or you’re looking for a decent shoe to help you take your Tai Chi practice to the next level, there’s good news! You have plenty of great shoes to choose from and while there are a couple of truly standout candidates on the list, every single one of these shoes will be a comfortable fit and allow you to enjoy your form work just that bit more.

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