Can You See Chi Energy? The Scientific Vs The Spiritual

Can you see chi energy? -

If you’ve heard of Chi energy, then you may be wondering if there is a way to physically demonstrate its existence? After all, the easiest way to convert a skeptic into a believer is to show them evidence that they see with their own two eyes, right?

Can you see Chi energy? From a scientific standpoint, you cannot see Chi energy. There’s no scientific evidence that Chi is visible or that it even exists. But from a spiritual standpoint, and depending on what you mean exactly by “Chi”, then you might be able to see and feel it.

There are many people that say you can and that you can develop the skills to be able to see it. So, let’s take a look at both these positions and see where there is merit.

What Is Chi Energy?

Chi or, more properly, qi is the “life force” that is said to pervade every living thing in the universe. It is the central concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which seeks to create harmony in a body’s qi energy and the flow of that energy to treat patients.

Some martial arts make some reference to qi too, though, interestingly Tai Chi is not one of those arts and while the concepts of “chi” are pronounced the same, they most definitely do not have the same meaning.

It is important to recognize that modern science has not managed to prove that qi exists in any form. In fact, there is a large body of work that suggests that qi does not exist. You should also know that the term “energy” in physics or chemistry bears no relationship to the kind of energy that the term “qi” refers to.

Likewise, there is no concept of “matter” in the philosophy that gave rise to “qi”.

That didn’t stop some Chinese philosophers from attributing physical properties such as “light” and “heavy” to different types of qi that they had envisioned in their minds.

The term “qi” entered the English language in about 1850, though it didn’t come to be written “qi” until 1971 (when Felix Mann is his work “Acupuncture” used this spelling).

Can You See Chi Energy? The Scientific Answer

How can you see what science says does not exist? The science says you can only see qi if you have something awry with your body chemistry which gives you some form of delusion.

This definition is not very much fun, but it is what the science says.

Can You See Chi Energy? The Spiritual Answer

The spiritual practitioners of arts involving qi say that scientists are not wrong in that they cannot find evidence of qi, but they say that this is because scientists are looking for qi in the wrong way.

Gaining A 6th Sense: The Rapid Way

They say that science provides for the existence of many senses – far more than the 5 senses we traditionally have and that it is these extra senses which can lead us to qi.

They offer this simple proof of a 6th sense, at least:

  • Sit still or stand in a place where no-one will disturb you
  • The close your eyes so that you cannot see anything
  • Then take your finger and place it on the tip of your nose

Now, explain which sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing you used to carry out that process. If you said “touch”, you didn’t, you know – touch only came right at the end of the process. While your finger was soaring through the air to touch your nose it wasn’t touching anything at all.

Your eyes were closed, so you didn’t see anything. You must have extraordinary fingers if you could hear them moving through the air. As for smell and taste, you didn’t even ask your nose and mouth to get involved, did you?

So, what sense did you use? Well, there’s no name for it but when you touch your nose with your eyes closed, you use a specific system within your body known as the vestibular system and it controls coordination. So, maybe we call this 6th sense coordination?

So, a few minutes ago you were under the impression that you had 5 senses and now, you’ve already gained a sense that science knows about but hasn’t even gotten around to giving a proper name! If you can accept that, then you are able to alter the paradigm through which you observe the world to incorporate the concept of qi energy.

Time For A Little Meditation

In order to sense qi, you will need to give your mind the space to do so. We live in a time of almost permanent mental noise. When we’re not talking, speaking or thinking, others are talking, speaking, thinking, singing, shouting, etc.

This noise is not conducive to sensing much of what is actually happening right here and right now. So, there is a technique we can all tap into to cut this noise away, at least for a time, and that technique is meditation.

Given that there are clear health benefits to meditation and no known side effects. Even if you don’t find your qi energy, it’s worth learning to meditate.

It’s easy too. Close your eyes. Empty your mind. Concentrate on a single sensation such as your feet touching the floor. Breathe in a calm, measured fashion. That’s it! You’re meditating. There are many other exercises you can do to meditate but this is the basic approach and it’s so simple.

When you let go of your thoughts, you are less likely to be hemmed in by the “5 senses” that are taught to believe that are the only doors to your perception. Open your eyes and just observe the world around you. Pay close attention to living creatures around you.

How To “See” Chi

It may not come immediately; some practitioners say that they needed to meditate many times before they first perceived the life force in other things and other people. Others say that it was almost instant, they opened their eyes and the qi was clear.

It may also not be a visual experience when you “see” qi. Assuming that the spiritualist approach is the correct one – you observe qi through another, still undefined sense. The problem with that for our brains is that they haven’t learned to use that sense effectively, after all, it was never taught to you in school or by your parents.

This means that when you observe something with that sense – your brain tends to reinterpret the message in the senses you use the most, that is sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

So, some people say that they see qi, literally it’s a vibrant energy that is visible to the naked eye. Others say that they can hear it as a sort of low buzzing sound. Still others claim that they can feel it as a vibration in their hands and body.

Is There A Way To Improve My Chances Of Seeing Chi?

The spiritualists say that there is. They say that while meditation is a very useful pathway to being able to properly observe qi energy, they say it is even easier if you practice qigong which is a, sort of, martial art whose adherents learn to use and manipulate qi.

The more you practice qigong, the more attuned to qi you should become and thus, the easier it is to fully experience it as something distinct and physical. It probably doesn’t hurt that you will also learn many different meditational techniques in qigong classes too.


Can you see Chi energy? The hard science says no, it is not visible and it doesn’t exist. If that answer is not good enough for you, then know that many practitioners of qigong claim to have done so even though they might be referring to “chi” as a more flexible concept.

The only way to find out for yourself is to get involved in qigong and martial arts.

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