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14 reasons why martial artists meditate -

Why Martial Artists Meditate (And You Should Too)

There are 14 reasons why martial artists meditate (and you should too). They include: developing discipline, controlling Chi, preparing for “no mind” combat, reducing stress & anxiety, improving emotional resilience and self-awareness, getting a better attention span, preventing memory loss, becoming kinder, keeping addiction at bay, sleeping well, reducing pain and lowering blood pressure.

Must-read tai chi books -

The 20 Best, Must-Read Tai Chi Books [2021 Update]

If you’re looking to improve your Tai Chi practice or even to try and learn Tai Chi from home, then you’ll be glad to get a little extra guidance. There are some excellent books out there that can really give you extra insight into this awesome martial art and spiritual practice. Here are some of the best books on the topic!

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