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Tai Chi vs Kung Fu: What's the difference? - CraftofCombat.com

Tai Chi Vs. Kung Fu: What’s The Difference?

The difference between Tai Chi and Kung Fu is that, generally, Kung Fu is a lot more physically strenuous than Tai Chi. While Tai Chi’s main focus nowadays is mental discipline and physical health, Kung Fu is still used as a fighting system that aims at making self-defence instinctive.

The best tai chi pants you can wear today - CraftofCombat.com

The Best 20 Tai Chi Pants [And 1 Winner]

The benefits of Tai Chi on your physical, mental, and spiritual health are proven without a doubt. The next thing to do is pick the right clothes for your practice. In this article we’re looking at the best 20 Tai Chi pants you can order today. These picks are comfortable, cozy, and sell at a reasonable price.

How to get better at Tai Chi: 18 Expert Tips - CraftofCombat.com

How To Get Better At Tai Chi: 18 Expert Tips

When you start Tai Chi it’s natural to want to get better at it and then to feel slightly overwhelmed when you realize just how much there is to learn. The good news is that if you use a few simple tips, it can be much easier to manage your learning journey and we’ve got some expert tips to make sure you get a handle on your Tai Chi.

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